February 16

02-16-2024Notes from the PrincipalMrs. Jamie Bescak

Dear Parents,

NO SCHOOL MONDAY, Feb. 19 — Presidents' Day
Early Dismissal (12:30pm) Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday — Conferences

This week marked the beginning of the Lenten season, with kindergarten students leading the way in the ceremonial "Laying the Alleluia Banner to Rest." This practice is aimed at teaching our younger students about abstaining from singing or saying "Alleluia" during Lent, with the promise of its joyful return at Easter with Jesus' resurrection.

Students from kindergarten to 8th grade joined St. Benedict parishioners for the Ash Wednesday Mass. After the Mass, Deacon Ed, and preschool teachers enacted a skit for the preschoolers, helping them grasp the concept of saying "Yes to Jesus" during Lent. Then they received ashes on their foreheads, just like the "big kids."

Next week, your children will bring home your "volunteer obligation report" which details the hours accumulated thus far in the 2023-24 academic year. We deeply appreciate the partnership of our parents in supporting our school community through their dedication and commitment to volunteerism. Thank you for your ongoing support and involvement in shaping the educational journey of our students.