Mission & Philosophy

We believe that all children, by their God-given nature, can learn. All learners, users and creators of knowledge, are engaged in a dynamic process of discovering who they are in relationship to God, the human family and nature.

We believe that our community, which includes students, educators, parents, parish members, and clergy, consists of leaders working together as one in God to inspire all to reach their potential. Furthermore, our community assists in the lifelong development of the whole person, including spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, and social growth and physical well-being.

We believe that schools provide professional and caring educators who, as positive role models, teach traditions and build character. They inspire students to learn and support parents as the primary educators of their children.

We believe in providing a child-centered and nurturing environment. The school community empowers children to become critical thinkers who can problem-solve through life’s challenges.

We believe the ultimate purpose of faith-based education is to serve God and God’s creation.

Guided by Jesus Christ, we are a caring community dedicated to academic excellence, serving others and developing the whole child within the traditions of our Catholic faith.