3s Program

At St. John Bosco Catholic School, we believe that a play-based avenue of learning is the most developmentally appropriate and productive avenue for young children's minds. Research shows that children learn best in an environment which allows them to explore, discover, and play. Play enhances language development, social competence, creativity, imagination, and thinking skills. It is the chief vehicle for the development of intelligence, language, social and emotional behavior, and perceptual-motor abilities in young children.

We are proud to say we do all this and more with the added blessing of incorporating our love of God into every aspect of our day.

Curriculum is created specific to our class needs and Diocesan standards, including:

  • Weekly theme format incorporating literature
  • Teaching to the level of the students in our classroom while meeting Diocesan standards
  • Integrating religion throughout all subject areas
  • Balancing an inclusive classroom with thoughtful integration into the elementary school environment

Children seeking entry into the 3s program must be potty trained and turn 3 years-old by September 1.

Program Options

Our program offers flexibility for all types of families, including a 2 half-day schedule up to 5 full days. We have a maximum of 15 children in each classroom, always with 2 teachers from morning to afternoon. 

  • Full-Day Program: Monday–Thursday 7:45am –3:00pm; Friday 7:45am–12:30pm
  • Half-Day Program: Monday–Thursday 7:45–11:30am; Friday 7:45am–12:30pm

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