Technology is a key aspect of both our teaching methods and student learning.

Today, differentiated instruction at St. John Bosco Catholic School takes place in technology-infused classrooms. For our littlest learners, the preschool program features SMART Table collaborative learning centers; a school-wide iPad program includes 1:1 use in junior high in addition to portable carts containing classroom sets of iPads.

Morning Announcements

Our students produced this morning announcement video using their computers, video recorders, a green screen and other equipment in our media room, along with technical skills they're learning in the classroom. Students at St. John Bosco use technology as a tool to enhance their learning and to help them express ideas, make inquiries, solve problems, and collaborate with others. All classrooms are equipped with Onescreen Interactive Board technology. Our technology deployment creates dynamic learning experiences allowing for a wide variety of learners. In addition, campus events are held for students to experience hands-on opportunities in digital learning, learn about careers in technology and the fundamentals of computer science through website design, programming with Sphero Robots building/teardowns of computers and interactions with other computer based technology.

As part of the effort to effectively use technology in the learning environment, St. John Bosco conducts Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) testing, a computer adaptive assessment test for 3rd to 8th graders as a digital tool to build curriculum around individualized learning. Integration of a wide variety of apps and programs from e-learning companies help to further support and enhance the individualized learning analyzed from the standardized tests.