Chess Emporium

The mission of the Chess Emporium is to engage, teach and coach children chess. We wish to implement chess as a life long curriculum for students of all ages.

We believe we should attempt show every student respect and concern as if they were our own children, or our own brothers and sisters. Helping our students develop a good self-image and self respect is a portion of what we hope the study of chess can do. Introducing, implementing and helping to utilize the critical and creative thinking processes that come with the study and play of chess into the students mind is a goal we seek to achieve. Taking the benefits of chess and reflecting the similarities into life situations is part of our plan.

Further, we hope to create sustainable chess learning centers where students of all ages are able to have quality teaching and guidance in the game of chess. We would like to see scholastic chess become a player in the scholastic learning industry where there is a haven for structured, experiential learning for the student of this complex game.

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