Bulldog Ambassadors

St. John Bosco Catholic School Bulldog Ambassadors serve as authorized messengers for the entire student body. The organization is comprised of thirty students from grades five through eight who are proud to be part of St. John Bosco Catholic School and are interested in promoting the positive image of St. John Bosco.

While students are allowed to apply for both Student Council and Bulldog Ambassadors, please note that students who are elected to Student Council forfeit their candidacy for Bulldog Ambassadors. Acceptance letters will be sent out the last week of school.

Our Ambassadors

Top Row: Ashton, Oliver, Madison, Victoria, Hogan, Madeline, Alfred, Viana, Olivia, Rylan

Bottom Row: Agnes, Carter, Elle, Isabella, Jasmine, Scarlet, Dean, Sydney, Ella

Not Pictured: Luke