Extended School Day Program (ESP)

ESP is a licensed program providing after-school care for currently enrolled students at St. John Bosco Catholic School.

All students are automatically enrolled in ESP services; no additional forms are needed. Please refer to the ESP guidelines set forth in the Parent/Student Handbook.

Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday 3:00 – 6:00 pm
Friday 12:30 – 6:00 pm
Scheduled half days 12:30 – 6:00 pm

If you need to reach the ESP staff during operating hours, the phone number is 602.930.2903.

Charges & Fees

The non-refundable enrollment fee for each child is $25 for the school year. The rate is $3.00 per 30 minutes. An additional fee of $1.00 per minute will be charged for late pick-up after 6:00 p.m. A $20 fee will be assessed through FACTS for any unsuccessful debit. Invoices are “auto pay” 15 days from the date of the invoice.

Forms & Policies

Child Admission & Release

Parents or other adults authorized on the Emergency Card, must sign out their children when they are picked up with the departure time documented.

A note signed by the parent or guardian granting permission to another adult to pick up the child will be accepted in the event that those listed on the card are not available. The staff member on duty will require presentation of identification by the adult who picks the child up.

For children who participate in extra-curricular activities, the students go directly to that activity. At the conclusion of that event, the moderator will escort the student and sign the student in to ESP.

Discipline Methods

The ESP program is an extension of the school day. School rules still apply, to include policies as outlined in the Student Handbook. Disregard of procedures or rules will result in progressive, logical consequences. Serious misbehavior is recorded in RenWeb and may result in a conference with parents, a behavior contract or required withdrawal from the ESP program.

Transportation Procedures

The program does not provide transportation of students.

Field Trips

The program does not provide field trips.

Parent Responsibilities

Parents are required to regularly update the emergency information as it changes. Parents are asked to work with the staff of the program to provide an environment that will prove most beneficial to their children, such as homework help required and modifications to the routine to facilitate good behavior.


A light snack will be provided to those students who come to ESP directly after school. Snack will not be provided to those students going to another school activity first before coming to ESP. Lunches are not provided on any days.


The primary goal of the program is to provide an environment where children are supported in their academic studies. Time will be allowed for homework and studying after snack. Once children have their homework checked, they will be permitted to play outside or given a chance to play a game inside. Various activities will be offered to spark children’s interests in art, group play, and creative problem solving. Adults are available to help children with homework and provide additional assistance tutoring when asked.

Medication Procedures

No medication will be administered by the ESP staff with the exception of emergency items such as EPI pens or asthma inhalers. The required form from the nurses’ office will be completed upon receipt of emergency medications. If a student is ill and requires medication, such as pain relievers or other medication, the parent will be contacted to pick up his or her child.

Emergency Medical Procedure

In the event of the medical emergency, ESP staff will call 911 first and obtain medical help for your child. The parent or guardian will then be notified. If that person is not available, the program personnel will continue calling the designated adults provided on the Emergency Information Form until a parent or guardian can be located and notified.


The program is licensed by the State of Arizona Department of Health Services. Inspection reports are available upon request to the Director.


The program is licensed by the State of Arizona Department of Health.