Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum


Our Religion curriculum is taught using Stories of God’s Love by RCL Benziger. It is a developmentally appropriate early childhood curriculum designed to engage children and their families in learning about their Catholic faith and in making the connections between Scripture and daily life.

The children are read stories of God’s love through scripture, allowing them to connect to their social and emotional needs through  hands-on activities and colorful illustrations.

Language Arts Content

Auditory Perception

  • Experience opportunities for listening to stories and nursery rhymes.
  • Learn to listen, follow directions, and discriminate between sounds.

Visual Discrimination

  • Be able to recognize colors, shapes, sizes.
  • Begin to understand left-right and top-bottom eye movement.
  • Begin to discriminate between letters and objects and be able to transfer to paper.

Oral Language Development

  • Participate in discussions.
  • Use finger plays, rhymes, and songs to learn rote memorization.
  • Compose and expand simple stories.
  • Speak in clear and complete sentences.

Introduction to Prewriting and Writing

  • Use free drawing and painting with a variety of tools.
  • Use manipulatives such as beads, pegs, puzzles, and Legos.
  • Use clay, paste, scissors, pencils, and crayons.
  • Repeat basic strokes l/0.
  • Print first name and last name using manuscript
  • Experience opportunities for tracing, weaving, lacing, etc.

Introduction to Reading

  • Enjoy stories for fun.
  • Retell stories in sequence.
  • Develop an interest in the printed word through labeling and names.
  • Begin to recognize some alphabet letters and sounds.

Math Content

  • Progress toward recognizing numbers 1 - 20
  • Count with one-to-one correspondence from 1 - 20
  • Complete and build patterns – AB, ABAB, AABB, AAB, etc.
  • Sort and classify based on various characteristics
  • Work with concepts of how many, more/less, most/least, etc
  • Introduce and explore simple addition and subtraction using pictures and objects

STEM Content

Pre-K STEM-Focused Early Education

Our goal is to engage and nurture each child. We offer a balance of freedom to learn and be a creative thinker through challenges and hands-on projects and, most importantly, play. Our STEM-focused early education classrooms are designed as interactive learning and teaches problem solving and creative thinking skills.

Pre-K STEM Program Provides Focus On:

  • problem solving skills
  • social and collaborative skills
  • creative thinking skills