Discipline with Purpose

We believe that children can be taught self-discipline skills as a part of the total school curriculum. To this end, the school implements a program called Discipline With Purpose (DWP), a positive approach to discipline based on the developmental level of the student.

The two goals of discipline, according to the DWP philosophy, are to maintain safety and order within the community, and to identify, teach, and practice the skills necessary to be self-disciplined. With this in mind, discipline is not punishment, but rather an opportunity to teach a skill that is not yet developed.

We expect students to conduct themselves in a manner that is becoming of a Catholic student and exhibit self-disciplined behavior at all times, on or off campus, in conformity with the norms of our school handbook. The principal is the final recourse in all disciplinary situations.

All people, regardless of age, deserve to be treated fairly and with respect. All behaviors and actions, both positive and negative, need to be acknowledged. Positive behaviors and actions deserve acknowledgement and praise. Negative behaviors and actions need to be addressed with a consequence so the behavior is corrected.