Preparing for High School

The high schools open their application window from October through the end of January. Please contact each high school for details on their process and shadow days. Every school is different, and the process may change slightly each year.

The student distributes the recommendations to whomever is indicated. We will give you our “Release of Test Scores” for the school where you are taking the test.

Please check to see if you need to sign the recommendation form before submitting it. Our policy is not to complete a recommendation for a student until the parent has signed it.

When a recommendation is received at the front office, the student has a routing slip assigned. Each teacher returns the completed recommendation to the office. The transcript is the last piece and is done in January.

Please note that we do everything we can to make sure that every student is accepted at the school of their choice. There is a limit on the number of seats at each school, and sometimes a student is placed on a wait list. We recognize that this is a hard place for the student and the parents, but St. John Bosco has no control over the decisions of the high schools. We will help as much as we can.

Catholic High School Information Nights & Open Houses

Catholic High School Information Nights include representation from all Catholic High Schools in the Valley.


Catholic High School Placement Testing Details

The test you will take is the HSPT, the High School Placement Test. Visit the high school websites to see if you need to register for the tests.


Catholic High School Directory

This is a directory of Catholic High Schools in Arizona with contact information.


Public High School Information

Information about Advanced Placement and Honors testing for Arizona public High Schools.