Art Masterpiece

The mission of art at St. John Bosco Catholic School is to encourage creativity and appreciation of art, resulting in a well rounded and positive art experience.

We use the Phoenix Art Museum’s Art Masterpiece Program as a school-based program intended to introduce elementary students to the visual arts. Classroom volunteers augment school curriculum through classroom presentations about artwork from Phoenix Art Museum’s collection.

The goals of the program are:

  • To use fine works of art as an integral part of the learning process.
  • To have students exposed to the great works of many artists.
  • To teach students how to appreciate the world of art.

We believe art class is important to the whole child – it is hands-on, has immediate rewards, focuses on positive achievements, develops concrete products, and fosters collaboration. The arts provide many opportunities to show off and demonstrate skill through authentic performance. The arts enable children to grow in confidence and learn how to think positively about themselves and learning.