Annual Gala

Where: Virtual Gala Auction 2020
When: Saturday, March 21 12:00pm – Saturday, March 28 10:00pm

Our Teachers Need Supplies Fund-A-Need Video

Donations raised from this year's Gala Fund-A-Need are going towards classroom supplies for the teachers. This is extra money on top of what the school gives the teachers to fund new classroom projects, supplies, experiences, activities, etc. all to enhance the students' learning experience.

Donate for Teachers' Classroom Supplies

The funds raised will support the mission of St. John Bosco: "We believe that all children, by their God-given nature, can learn. All learners, users, and creators of knowledge are engaged in a dynamic process of discovering who they are in relationship to God, the human family, and nature." Specifically, generous donations will help us achieve the goal of replacing outdated curriculum and purchasing new textbooks for our Junior High students.

Paramount to the success of this event is sponsorship. Today we ask you to partner with us and, for your tax deductible contribution, receive recognition within our school, parish, and community.

On behalf of The Bosco Gala Sponsorship Committee, the Bosco Gala Sponsorship Committee looks forward to working with you to help this event fulfill the dreams of all our students.