January 19

01-19-2024Notes from the PrincipalMrs. Jamie Bescak

Dear Parents,

It is an exhilarating moment for our school and parish community as we eagerly anticipate the grand opening of our new St. Benedict Catholic Church. Today marked a significant milestone as we gathered for the final Mass in our school's multipurpose room. A sense of unity and anticipation filled the air as we bid farewell to the familiar setting that has served as our temporary worship space. The genuine excitement lies in the upcoming ceremony and dedication Mass scheduled for Saturday evening at 5:00, where we will officially consecrate and celebrate the new church.

This momentous occasion is not just the culmination of construction efforts but a testament to the vibrant spirit and strong community bonds that define our school and parish. As we prepare to step into this new chapter, there is a heartfelt sense of joy and gratitude among us as we look forward to the blessings that our new St. Benedict Catholic Church will bring to our community.

Following the dedication Mass, our Dads' Club will host our annual SJB Trivia Night at 7:00 in the MPR. This promises to be one of the funniest nights of the year, offering an opportunity for laughter, camaraderie, and friendly competition. Today is your last chance to gather up 8 of your friends and register for this entertaining event. Don't miss out on the chance to participate in an evening filled with trivia, laughter, and community spirit, making it an unforgettable continuation of our celebratory day.