Scrip is the easiest, best way for St. John Bosco to raise money on a consistent basis. It’s simple.

Like a gift certificate, Scrip is used by our families to purchase goods and services at hundreds of national and local establishments, including leading retail stores, travel services, grocery stores and restaurants. SJB receives a percentage of sales. Best of all, participation is really easy; we are only asking you to buy gift cards to places where you would spend money anyway!

The Scrip program is a very important fundraiser here at St. John Bosco. Families have the possibility of earning partial or several months of tuition credit through active Scrip participation, in addition to offsetting on-going costs at SJB. This is a great way to reduce your tuition cost. It is a win/win program at no cost to you, because the Scrip certificates act the same as cash at the merchants around the valley and the country!

The SJB Scrip program expects each family to meet a minimum $150.00 profit/contribution for the 2023-2024 school year. Once this profit/contribution has been met, any subsequent profit is split 50/50 between SJB and the family and may be used to offset future FACTS payments or registration fees. Scrip credit cannot be applied to previous payments. The SJB Scrip year is from March 18, 2023 to March 17, 2024.

How Scrip Works:

  • SJB purchases gift cards at a discount, usable for shopping, merchandise, food, and services.
  • Families purchase these gift cards at face value from our Scrip team at SJB.
  • The discount or profit, which ranges from 1.5% to 40%, is then split 50/50 between SJB and the family after $150.00 in profit is accumulated, or immediately with a $150.00 tax-deductible donation to SJB.

Scrip Works for Three Reasons:

  1. The participating retailers are stores where you already shop all the time.
  2. SJB parents can help without spending an extra dime.
  3. Many parents are looking for a new way to contribute – they are tired of buying unwanted or unnecessary items like cookies, candy, gift-wrap, and magazines.

It is EASY to participate! It just takes some planning.

  1. The easiest way to participate in Scrip is to enroll in the electronic scrip program, where scrip is instantly available through the RaiseRight app. Find instructions on how to set up your account here.
  2. Visit the Scrip window during open hours to purchase physical scrip that is in stock with cash or check. The Scrip window is open on Monday mornings 7:30-8:15am and Friday afternoons 12:00-12:45pm.
  3. Another alternative is to pick up an order form at the front office or download the form here and return your completed form and cash or check payment to the front office. Our Scrip Team will fill your order and contact you when it is ready.
  4. Don’t have time to stop by our office? Email us with your order. You may drop off payment at the front office. You will be contacted when your order has been filled. Filled orders can then be picked up at the front office or sent home with your child at the end of the school day with your permission. Download the permission form here.

Other ways to earn Scrip!

The following businesses are proud supporters of the SJB Scrip Program and are offering generous Scrip benefits for using their services. Just mention you are a member of the SJB Scrip program when using these businesses and we will take care of the rest!

  • Barefoot Pools – 3% back on pool services
  • Big Apple Pediatric Dentistry – 6% back on all treatments
  • PostNet Phoenix – 6% back on shipping and printing services over $25 offering 10% back during the holiday season Nov 1 - Jan 31

Fry's Community Rewards 2023-2024

Link your Fry's shopper card to our school under the Fry's Community Rewards Program. Please click here for instructions on how to link your card.

*Please note: In order for this to count toward your Scrip earnings, you must email or bring in a copy of your quarterly statements that reflect the amount of your contributions.

Scrip Office Hours

Monday Mornings: 7:30 - 8:15 am
Friday Afternoons: 12:00 - 12:45 pm

Do you have questions? Contact us!
Phone: 480.219.4846 Ext. 5108