An Affordable Catholic Education

At St. John Bosco, it is our goal to make Catholic education affordable for all who desire it.

We work individually with each family to help make your child’s education at St. John Bosco a reality. All families are encouraged to apply for financial assistance.

Your options for assistance include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Financial assistance through School Tuition Organizations (STOs) that provide scholarships based on financial need, donor recommended scholarships, or both.
  • Privately funded scholarships.

For a consultation on financial assistance for your family, please contact the admissions office via email or 480-219-4848.

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Resources for Financial Assistance

School Tuition Organizations (STOs)

STOs are non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporations, organized for the sole purpose of obtaining contributions through the state of Arizona’s Tuition Tax Credit Program and then using those contributions to provide scholarships to families who chose to enroll their child in a private school.


Catholic Education Arizona (CEA)

CEA provides scholarships through the tax credit program for students at St. John Bosco Catholic School and other Diocesan schools. We recommend that all of our families apply for assistance through CEA. Application deadline is April 15th. Apply at

The school code for the online application is 700 and the password is cea700.

Donor-Recommended Scholarships

There are some STOs that provide scholarships based upon donor recommendations. Each family is encouraged to find a few family members, coworkers, or friends who are willing to redirect their tax liability to that particular family’s scholarship fund. Those funds are then made available to assist you with your tuition. Financial need is a consideration for the award of these scholarship funds, along with recommendations. We highly recommend you consider utilizing this great program; however, we also encourage you to learn as much as you can before embarking. Please call us, we can help!

Privately-Funded Scholarships

Applicants may apply for specific, donor funded scholarships made available to St. John Bosco students. Restrictions and qualifications for a particular scholarship are determined by the individual donor. As these scholarships become available, an announcement will be made to the community with the specifics of the scholarship award, including how to apply.

Families are also encouraged to search the internet, contact your home parish, Knights of Columbus or local community organizations to determine what other scholarship funds may be available.