School Advisory Board

The St. John Bosco Advisory Board is made up of parents and faculty members. The purpose of the board is to look at the common good for all students to help promote academic excellence, communication with the community, all while keeping with the traditions of the Catholic Faith.

Advisory Board members work hard to support the faculty as well as the children of St. John Bosco. For questions or concerns, contact the Board President, Sam Root.

Time Commitment

Each member serves a three year term and each staff and parish member serves a two year term. The Board meets once a month for 2 hours and then each member has a 1 hour committee meeting once a month (in person or by email). There may be times when evening or weekend events are required, and time is also spent on preparation/reviewing meeting materials. Members are encouraged to attend the Diocesan School Board Meeting each year in the fall.

Advisory Board Meeting Minutes