Dear Bulldogs,

At St. John Bosco we know how important friends are. We also know that sometimes disagreements get in the way of making and keeping friends. When differences occur that prevent us from sharing feelings, working out problems and being our best self, know that you can get some help from the Peacemakers here at school!

Since 2012, our Peacemakers have been older students who volunteer their time to help make SJB a place where all students feel respected. They are not there to judge you, take sides or gossip. Everything that you talk about with them is confidential. Your SJB Peacemakers have been trained as guides to help you through the mediation process to find a solution for your problem.

Please come and meet with the Peacemakers if:

  • Everything else you have tried isn’t working.
  • The disagreement is getting worse not better.
  • Your disagreement has been going on for a really long time.
  • Other people are getting involved.
  • The situation is beginning to feel out of control.

Together kids helping kids can continue to make St. John Bosco a PEACEFUL place!

Mrs. Pasini, Counselor/Coordinator