September 30

09-30-2022Notes from the PrincipalMrs. Jamie Bescak

Dear Parents

Did you know that a portion of last year’s Gala helped us purchase hands-on science materials, experiments, and dissection kits, and update our science closet for all grade levels to utilize? Our science lab houses many materials—microscopes, scales, synthetic frogs, infrared thermometer guns, laser and optic kits, prisms, pumping heart models, eye models, human skeleton models— to not just meet but exceed the Diocesan Science Standards.

All preschool–8th-grade teachers have access to the science closet tools and materials at any time as it is important for young learners to establish a solid foundation in science. In addition to the inherent pleasure students find by exploring and the self-confidence built by mastery, it is essential for them to be prepared to bring knowledge and skill to solve problems, make sense of information, and know how to gather and evaluate evidence to make decisions.

Our 5th–8th graders will soon begin working on their Diocesan Science Fair project and may choose from 12 different categories ranging from animal sciences, medicine & health sciences to physics and astronomy just to name a few. Students are expected to create a project presentation, lab book, quad chart, project video, and video demonstration and/or simulation depending on the project. I can’t wait to see how our students showcase their knowledge, creativity, and scientific skills!  

Our junior high students participate in at least one lab per week which helps prepare them for high school. Below are a few of the engaging and interactive science labs/experiments our 7th & 8th graders will experience this school year:

  • Dissect cow eyeballs, synthetic and real frogs, earthworms, and owl pellets
  • Use microscopes to inspect daphnia heart rate, stomata cells, meiosis and mitosis, onion cells, and fingerprints
  • Computer simulations
  • Use models for spectrography, Newton’s first law, Earth seasons, moon phases, relative size and distance of planets, and geological time scales.

We are blessed to have engaged, generous parents participating in our annual Bosco Gala to help support this solid science program in addition to highly-trained teachers to guide our students.

Joyful Blessings,
Jamie Bescak, M.Ed., Principa