Supporting St. John Bosco through your Time, Talent, and Resources.

Our Time

Volunteering your time is vital to the St. John Bosco community.  Whether it is spent in the classroom, on the playground, at the carpool bay, in the cafeteria, at a special event or at home behind the scenes, every hour you contribute is a much needed gift.  Finding time to volunteer has a positive uplifting affect felt by teachers, families and students and makes St. John Bosco such a special place.

Our Talent

God has blessed each of us with a unique set of gifts that we should utilize for the benefit of our community. Giving to the St. John Bosco community through a special talent or skill not only enriches the children’s learning environment but helps to keep tuition increases to a minimum. Are you a skilled tradesperson: electrician, carpenter, plumber, painter or landscaper? Are you an artist, architect, marketing wizard or technical expert? Do you have computer or administrative skills? Can you help coach sports or mentor an academic, performing arts or chess team? Please let us know how you can share your God given gifts at St. John Bosco.

Our Resources

“Let us with two coats give to him who has none.” (Luke 3:11) All that we possess are gifts from God that we are asked to care for and generously share for the good of others. The gifts of your resources are critical to St. John Bosco. Without them we will not have the tools necessary to provide the exceptional academic and spiritual environment that we strive to offer. Your resources benefit the students by providing professional development for the staff, additional learning tools, up-to-date technology, enhanced performing arts opportunities and abundant sport equipment, all in a beautiful and safe environment. There are many opportunities to share your gifts with our students throughout the year. We are each blessed in different way but we are all called to give.