St. John Bosco Catholic School educates the whole child. In addition to strong academics and developing faith, a rich variety of offerings provide students the opportunity to expand their learning beyond the textbook. Clubs and activities provide students with opportunity to develop leadership characteristics, to learn how to speak up or about a subject they are passionate about, they are mentored by and are mentors to students of other ages.  They fine tune their relationship skills and learn how to communicate by listening and asking questions, Clubs, activities and sports are a significant element of the life of a St. John Bosco Catholic School student.

Examples of Clubs & Groups

St. John Bosco Catholic School Bulldog Ambassadors serve as authorized messengers for the entire student body.  The organization is comprised of thirty students from grades five through eight who are proud to be part of St. John Bosco Catholic School and are interested in promoting the positive image of St. John Bosco.

While students are allowed to apply for both Student Council and Bulldog Ambassadors, please note that students who are elected to Student Council forfeit their candidacy for Bulldog Ambassadors. Acceptance letters will be sent out the last week of school.

Chess at St. John Bosco is provided through Chess Emporium, they meet once a week after school in the Library.  Students as young as Kindergarten are taught the rules, the logic and the art of winning or losing at Chess.  St. John Bosco students successfully compete in valley-wide tournaments.

Learn more about the fun, adventure filled world of Scouting! Cub Scouts is for 1st through 5th grade boys.  Boys can join along the way in any grade and throughout the year.  Contact Dave Forseth or Brian Snow for more information. Visit our website for a calendar of events and additional scouting information at

National Junior Honor Society is…

Dear Bulldogs,

At St. John Bosco we know how important friends are. We also know that sometimes disagreements get in the way of making and keeping friends. When differences occur that prevent us from sharing feelings, working out problems and being our best self, know that you can get some help from the Peacemakers here at school!

Since 2012, our Peacemakers have been older students who volunteer their time to help make SJB a place where all students feel respected. They are not there to judge you, take sides or gossip. Everything that you talk about with them is confidential. Your SJB Peacemakers have been trained as guides to help you through the mediation process to find a solution for your problem.

Please come and meet with the Peacemakers if:

  • Everything else you have tried isn’t working.
  • The disagreement is getting worse not better.
  • Your disagreement has been going on for a really long time.
  • Other people are getting involved.
  • The situation is beginning to feel out of control.

Together kids helping kids can continue to make St. John Bosco a PEACEFUL place!

Mrs. Pasini


The purpose of the Robotics Club to to provide a fun environment for SJB students to learn about math and science.  The main focus of the club is competing in the First Lego League.  The First Lego League is a yearly robotics and science competition that emphasizes learning and developing teamwork. The first part of the year the team concentrates on getting the robots ready for the FLL competition.  After the competition in November the team works on improving their understanding of building and programming of the Lego Ev3 robots used in the competition. Here is a video that better demonstrates how the Robotics team prepares for the competition.

Liturgical dance is a seasonal club that performs at the Christmas Program.  Students in 4th and 5th grade are encouraged to join with other students to experience and participate in prayer through movement. These prayers become a linking thread tying together the core of our school as all the students celebrate Christmas.  The dancers perform to Christmas songs under the instruction of Jena Gump.  Practices will be lead by Jena Gump on Mondays from   315-430 beginning Monday, Oct. 21.  Location for practice TBA.  If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Gump.

Students work with a moderator to produce the school yearbook during performing arts classes for 7th/8th grade students.  Besides learning how to work with online production, students learn to plan a project, to delegate, work to deadlines, all with a high attention to detail.

Bookworms are book discussion groups for kids.  Meeting during lunch or in the evening, students read a book then discuss the plot, the characters, or the selection’s impact on the world.