Physical Education

Certified Teacher: Brett Caradonna

St. John Bosco Catholic School uses the Dynamic Physical Education curriculum and incorporates Physical Best in our lessons. The DPE program exposes children to a wide variety of activities in a process rather than product oriented format. Physical Best activities help students learn the “why” of physical fitness and activities. Our program objectives include:

  • Movement Concepts, Safe Practices, and Fundamental Skills
  • Physical Fitness
  • Interpersonal Skills & Diversity
  • Lifetime Physical Activity
  • Sports – Team, Individual, Lifetime

Lesson Structure

Each PE class consists of 35- 50 minutes of instruction and starting in 3rd grade the classes are divided by gender.

  • Intro Activity (3-5 Minutes)
  • Fitness Development (10-12 minutes)
  • Lesson Focus (20-25 minutes)
  • Game (10-12 minutes)

Endurance is the Gospel Value chosen by the PE department to emphasize in the P.E. curriculum.

After-School Sports Programs for 5th – 8th 


Flag Football







Physical Education Wish List

The PE / Athletic Dept would like to thank all of the parents, students and faculty who have been so generous in years past in building/maintaining our athletic facilities and improving our equipment for our students.

The following items are requested in order for us to maintain our curriculum standards through Health and Fitness.

  • Exercise Bands (Xertubes) p. 280  [Flaghouse]
    • Yellow – (Qty 8) Very Light Resistance
    • Red (4 Qty) – Light Resistance
    • Green (4 Qty) – Med Resistance
    • Blue (8 Qty) – Heavy Resistance
  • Hula Hoops ( 48 Qty) Dollar Store
  • Stop Watches (6 Qty) p. 192  Mark 1 [US Games ]
  • Sports Athletic Tape (12 rolls) Sports Authority & DICKS Sporting Goods
  • Frisbees 36 Spinjammers

They are available for purchase here:


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