Wrangler News – October 17, 2015 – When you’re four feet tall and full of energy, you might be able to build a castle or a pirate ship before lunch. That’s what students at St. John Bosco preschool are discovering as they enjoy innovative new equipment 
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Have you been looking for a way for your family to share in the mission of the Catholic Church and serve others who need a hand up in our community? A few of our St. John Bosco families volunteer regularly in the St. Vincent de 
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Congratulations to the following SJB Alumni who earned places on Seton Catholic Prep’s Honor Roll: First Name Last Name Honor Kaitlin Amorosi First Honors -11 John Amorosi Second Honors – 12 Zachary Bartoszek First Honors -10 Dalton Beach Second Honors – 11 Erica Bender First 
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We’ve been given the entire list for Xavier College Preparatory’s First and Second Honor Rolls and we’re proud to say SJB alumnae are excelling in academics!  First Honors Kelly Marie Miller Taylor Ann Long Madison Renee Kumnick Megann Francis Donahue Jacqueline Frances Edmonds Colleen Esther 
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This post on Rappler by Paterno Esmaquel II is an amazing overview of Pope Francis’ primary concerns. “He preaches against gossip, reminds us to finish our meals, and even tells us not to fear marriage. Described as the “world’s parish priest,” Pope Francis goes beyond 
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Thursday, January 16 at 6:30 pm in the School Library  Choosing to send one’s child to a private school is a decision that parents don’t usually make lightly.  For most it will mean sacrifices in order to afford the tuition.  For some people, no matter how 
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            Students are entering our U.S. classrooms with a broader spectrum of ability levels than ever before. By fourth grade, children who score among the top ten percent of any given classroom are reading up to six grade levels above 
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  America Recycles Day is today, November 15.  In support of this national day of recognition for recycling, the St. John Bosco community has been participating in the National Recycle Bowl Competition. The goals of this competition are to increase recycling rates at school, establish 
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